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Dog Judge: Camilla Wootton Bitch Judge : Yvonne Angear

BOB Ch Metadale Macquarie
DCC Ch Metadale Macquarie
RDCC Metadale Moon Dancer from Frankenwen
BCC Bronia Carmelita JW
RBCC Bokra Jazz
BP Bronia Playgirl

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Metadale Major Decision
2nd Zarcrest Jamaican Mistake
3rd Dolan Day After Day

1st Tiendawn Velvet Commander at Africandawns
2nd Loggeta Atomic Lover

Junior Dog
1st Brynalyn Noble Quest for Kiddles
2nd Abydachs Oh What A Night
3rd Damai Master Alex
Res Rokerpark Just William
VHC Swansford Gryffindor at Rodima

Post Graduate Dog
1st Metadale Made To Order for Oleanca
2nd Damai Master Benedict
3rd Blue Velvet by Merrygarth
Res Penzown Fair Exchange with Marshwick
VHC Abbalongdat Mr SOS

Limit Dog
1st Metadale Moon Dancer from Frankenwen
2nd Loggeta Antrim Boy from Bonavoir
3rd Abydachs Oh What A Night JW
Res Peverleigh Solo Vision
VHC Melminds Method in Madness

Open Dog
1st Ch Metadale Macquarie
2nd Ir Ch Larkhund Latest Destroyer at Owlery SH CM
3rd Alex's Favourite with Merrygarth
Res Neropa Ace of Spades at Danward
VHC Melminds Mind Over Matter

Special Open Black & Tan Dog
1st Damai Master Benedict
2nd Ch Metadale Midnight Cowboy
3rd Peverleigh Solo Vision

Special Open Any Other Colour Dog
1st Swansford Lyrenstan Picasso
2nd Peverleigh Mr Stripe
3rd Brianolf Hi Falutin at Zarcrest
Res Melminds Method in Madness
VHC Kireton Silver shannon of Doral




Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Bronia Playgirl
2nd Metadale Majorette
3rd Loggeta Harlem Babe
Res Dolan Night Away
VHC Bonavoir Suki Black

Puppy Bitch
1st Tarramist Waterloo Sunset

Junior Bitch
1st Metadale Maid From Michigan
2nd Owlery Hedi Lamar
3rd Abydachs Hot Summer Nights
Res Sonsrymes Secret Magic
VHC Damai Miss Sophie

Novice Bitch
1st Abydachs Hot Summer Nights
2nd Bonavoir Maid of Honour at Scandell
3rd Tarramist Assignation

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Bokra Jazz
2nd Loggeta Fantazia from Bonavoir
3rd Peverleigh Polly Rose
Res Swansford Bronia Bardot
VHC Amber Nectar at Danward

Limit Bitch
1st Bronia Carmelita JW
2nd Loggeta Spirit In The Sky
3rd Metadale Make It Happen
Res Bronia Zephyr at Loxbar
VHC Frankanwen High Light On Zarcrest

Open Bitch
1st Ch Rodima Gold Myst Over Swansford
2nd Metadale My Way
3rd Owlery Czarina
Res Darsoms Zarrival with Abbalongdat
VHC Rodima Dark Crystal mitt Dialhouse

Special Open Black & Tan Bitch
1st Peverleigh Follow The Vision
2nd Damai Miss Sophie
3rd Saucy Sara at Rodima

Special Open Any Other Colour Bitch
1st Metadale Mountain of Dreams


Veteran Standard
1st Abitibi Dolly Mixture
2nd Ch Abydachs Give Me The Future
3rd Peverleigh Follow The Vision
Res Neropa Benedict from Scandell

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